The Story of  our Center began with August Pasarya, a prolific and renowned artist, poet, thinker.
From early in his life, He was consumed with those profound questions that have eluded
philosophers for centuries. Dissatisfied with available answers, Pasarya undertook his own study
and examination and challenged the already established thought and wisdom.
After travelling the world, attending several colleges, the artist secluded himself in the Blue Ridge
Mountains and tirelessly worked for over three decades producing such works of art that became a
gift to mankind. This extensive twelve series collection was donated by the artist to the public.
Later a Committee of board members was formed. The Pasarya Center for Arts and Humanity Inc.
A not for profit 501c3 foundation was established under which the museum operates today.


"Those works created from "Solitude" and from pure and authentic creative impulses- where the
worries of competition, acclaim and social promotion do not interfere - are, because of these very
facts, more precious than the production of professional. After a certain familiarity with these
flourishings of an exalted feverishness, lived so fully and so intensely by their authors, we cannot
avoid the feeling that in relation to these works, cultural art is in its entirety appears to be the game
of a futile society, a fallacious parade."___  Jean Debuffet
Dubuffet like picasso had no interest in academic training , they found it distasteful and left it to study
independently. They argued that there is more art in everyday life of human beings and surrounding
nature than is in academic art, and that culture, managed to assimilate every new development in art,
and by doing so took away whatever power it might have had. The result was to asphyxiate genuine
expression. Therefore only an image or myth maker, by creating his own Avant-garde environment in
the outskirt of a society is immune to the influences of culture, immune to being absorbed and


To house and exhibit our permanent collection.

To bring to the public excellence in visual works of art seeking
to enrich world community through arts and humanity.

To provide services as we expand such as educational programming
for children, students and the public, and in literature, poetry and publishing.

Explore, Journey through powerful works of art  in twelve series and gallery rooms.
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Terms and condition
When the science of biology in immune system could attack itself,
Surly, the Mind needs its own art to survive in the universe.
We do not know what art is,
until we see it.
Like omniscience, Art cannot be taught.
Only when the mind feels safe in front of life, Life will reveal itself to you. ___  Pasarya